Kentucky Derby is known as "the most exciting two minutes in sports." It is the biggest horse race of a year. But let's be honest: It's really more of a fashion show for the most over-the-top hats of a year. So yes! Whether you're at the race or at home watching. We thought that you need a perfect hat!

What's the important elements when you choose a hat for Kentucky Derby?

1.Start planning early.

The Kentucky Derby day start at every first Saturday and Sunday on the May of a year. So you'd better start planning your hat to buy one month in advance. The early plan you made, the less trouble you had. Never push yourself into corner.

2. Always consider your clothing.

Your clothing comes first. Your Derby outfit should be all about the theme. After all, if you've picked the perfect red dress, your hat should flatter that dress, not clash with it or distract from it.

3. Your height is the key.

Keep your height in mind. If you're on the taller side, consider a wider brim and have fun with size and shape. If you're shorter, don't wear a brim that droops down on both sides, since that can pull you down visually. One style that works on everyone is an asymetrical brim that goes down on one side but up on the other.

No matter how over-the-top you get, there will be someone with a crazier hat than you. "The good thing about the derby is that everybody wears a hat there. You don't stick out, you don't look weird." However! Just be yourself! The only thing you need to concern is enjoying your time!❤ Retro Style Design: 1920s classic bowler hat, asymmetric roll-brim designed. Decorating with beautiful feathers and cocktails, extremely lightweight. It's a perfect fancy hat deal with your gorgeous dress for Kentucky Derby race party. Derby Horse race is really more of a fashion show for the most over-the-top hats of a year. So choose this fascinators hat come with the big bow and stunning feathers is a great way to add the extra flair. And you will be the center of attention.
❤ Colorful Hats: Fascinators can be worn to many other occasion besides the Kentucky Derby race. The British Royals made fascinators for women a standard for all festive events such as weddings, Easter, prom and a tea party. Choose a black hat with a veil is perfect for the a church event. Pick the fascinator hat in white to match your dress for the wedding. Select a red one to participate your tea party.
❤ Material: 100% Korean organza (Polyester). It featured a silky smooth and soft touching. satin silk like quality but far more durable and easy care.
❤ Size: Medium ( US 7 1/4 ) 58cm. Come with a string inside of the cap for adjusting the sizing. The one size can fits most female who head circumference between 21.5 inches~23.5 inches. The crown tall is 4 inches around.
❤ Care Tips: To reshape this stain sun hat that has been wrinkled or bent, The simple tool you needed is "steam iron". Steam the area for five seconds and then shape with fingers as soon as it is cool enough to touch, usually 2-3 seconds. Let the organza hat dry for 1 hour in shield place. Your lady hat will be as good as new.

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